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I really didn't want to do this, but because of lack of time I am in need to. I'm leaving this community and am really sorry about it =( But I really do need more free time and I can't keep up with everything, so... Sorry.

<3 Ally.

P.S. And Gwen, I will finish the Dru and Samara torturing Wesley thing before I leave ;)
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Thank you Ally! I'll be sorry to see you go. I think we still play elsewhere...
No problem =)

I'm sorry to leave too, but... stupid lack of time!

And yeah, we're both in power_play =)
One I don't plan to leave yet. And time can be not our friend, or so I noticed.
One I don't plan to leave yet. And time can be not our friend, or so I noticed.

Hopefully things will slow down for you.
Yes, I hope so too...
Arer we still going to have Faith and everyone come save you or should we just cancel that? It's up to you since we are heading outside now in our comments and I think it would be good to come save you. But it is up to you still. So let me know.


I hope so, or he's going to be left there an awful long time *grin* He just has to lose this fight, and get horribly brutizlied. then I'm ready for you :)
Alright, we'll slowly head towards you. We have a third member though, Spike, with us. Hopefully that's ok. But we'll take our time.

It's fine with me. Though the only person he's going to make things right with is Faith, since he doesn't have a problem with Dawn.

Spike, Wesley is still unsure of. In fact, he's never met him, and would only know him as William the Bloody. That could be fun.
I was wondering if you could make it that they leave town or something before you leave the community because then it works well with the plot?

If you could do that, that would be great! Thank you.

Um, ok, I'll try after they're done with Wesley.